Maliau Basin Stakeholders Workshop

The MBCA Strategic Management Plan 2003 – 2012 expired in 2012, and efforts to review the Plan are currently in progress.  The Management Plan provides the framework of activities to be implemented towards the sustainable management of MBCA.

Revision of the Management Plan is made possible with assistance from NEPCon, Denmark who secured funding amounting to EURO294,875 (equivalent to RM1.1 million)  from Aage V. Jensens Foundation, Denmark to cover related expenditures including the production and printing of the MBCA Strategic Management Plan 2014 – 2023

The MBCA Management Plan Stakeholders workshop held on November 14, 2014 at Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, Kota Kinabalu is one of several workshops that were held in the review of the MBCA Management Plan as supports from stakeholders are especially crucial to ensure sustainable and good forest management.

The Workshop was officiated by YB Datuk Pang Yuk Ming, Tourism, Culture and Environment Assistant Minister on behalf of the Minister. Also present were Pn. Hjh. Rosmawati Hj. Lasuki, J.P. representing the Director of Yayasan Sabah and Mr. Peter Feilberg, NEPCon’s Executive Director.

A total of 119 representatives from various organizations/institutions/universities, state/federal government departments/agencies, local authorities, plantation and timber companies, NGO’s, Clubs/Associations and research collaborators/individuals associated directly or indirectly with MBCA as well as the media attended the Workshop.

Workshop Resolutions (Draft)
Among the Workshop Resolutions are the following:


Given that it is not possible to make every stakeholder a member of the Maliau Basin Management Committee, in what way can the other stakeholders assist in enhancing the management of the area?

  • Communication via social media (internet, Friends of MBCA, Facebook etc) should be used
  • Stakeholders should be more aware and more alert

Are there any additional infrastructures that are critical in order to achieve the objective of establishing Maliau Basin Conservation Area, especially the implementation of the Management Plan?

  • Key infrastructure is road access which is currently being addressed
  • To consider soft infrastructure like human resource and skills development
  • Allocate sufficient training plan for surveillance and enforcement
  • Waste water treatment issues should be addressed
  • Infrastructure for extending off site public awareness activities to be established
  • Be part of SEEN Collaboration network
  • Use media to raise awareness

The management of the protected areas in Sabah, like Maliau Basin, is increasingly becoming more important. How can the capacity building and training of the staff of the protected areas in Sabah be improved?

  • Establish group to teach local communities to becoming green – greening community to conserve natural resources
  • Use existing institutions like UMS for a continuous, systematic training programme from certificate to degree levels
  • Patrolling – There should be cooperation among stakeholders and not burden one particular organisation
  • Need to identify critical areas that require capacity building
  • Sufficient fund for training and capacity building related to enforcement activities
  • Increase number of personnel to be trained especially for inspection and persecution
  • Need to look for avenue to generate sufficient fund to support this increase personnel and capacity building
  • Systematic approach to training programme
  • Need for a institution specifically to train rangers and protected area staff
  • Density of enforcement to consider in the Management Plan
  • Invest in Information management into SOPs, processes, compliance, planning etc
  • Acquire baseline information and survey of the surrounding communities
  • Incentives for the communities to play the roles in the protection of MBCA
  • Establish good information management for making accurate decision making process
  • Real time information (camera traps & drones technologies) from latest technology for surveillance and protection of area

How can research programme in Maliau Basin be improved and which types of research should Maliau focus on in the next decade?

  • Research should be continuous as well as efforts to secure funding
  • Local researchers to be encouraged to undertake research
  • Engage a Senior Resident Scientist to coordinate research
  • Prioritise research topics
  • Research focus in next 10 years is inventory
  • Important to communicate to the world that MBCA is a place to do research
  • Research to value coal in MBCA, and values of others ecosystem functions

Is the long term protection of the Maliau Basin Conservation Area secured (by the existing Buffer Zones), especially in relation to illegal intrusion and ecological connectivity?

  • Security for years ahead
  • Monitor surrounding landuse change patterns and fire risks protection
  • Study the effectiveness of buffer zones
  • Wildlife conflict
  • Wildlife monitoring plan
  • Opportunities for research arise from the landuse change in the surroundings
  • Research into the large chunk of regenerating forest surrounding MBCA
  • Analysing the trend of conflicts between authorities, poachers and rangers
  • Have change response programme to mitigate anticipated changes
  • Should plan ahead to mitigate threats of coal mining
  • Certification and good compliance to good conservation management practices

In what way can the Maliau Basin Conservation Area, especially the Maliau Basin Studies Centre, play a role in enhancing the Environmental Education and Awareness in Sabah and the surrounding region?

  • Networking to include larger groups
  • Use existing resources and partner with others
  • Design programme to suit different target groups
  • Maliau Basin should cater priority targets, ie. surrounding its area
  • Raise funding to provide free EE for school children and surrounding communities
  • Measurable targets and evaluation to be incorporated within EE programme

What type of tourism is appropriate for Maliau Basin and what and where should the focus be during the next decade?

  • Consider virtual tourism
  • With the area becoming more accessible due to construction of sealed road, MBCA would expect more tourist arrivals
  • Activities should maintain integrity of area and consider low impact tourism
  • Green culture to be created among the local communities
  • MP MBCA should be in line with Sabah Natural ecotourism master plan
  • Generally agreed – no mass tourism for MBCA
  • Introduce high value tourism
  • Risk management initiatives to be incorporated in the Management Plan
  • There is no need for multiple entries/gateways to MBCA

How can financial sustainability of the Maliau Basin Conservation Area be maintained for the next decade?

  • Consider green products and a portion of sale for conservation
  • Hold competitions
  • MBCA should take advantage of bio-prospecting activities with strict regulations
  • Appoint professional fund raiser
  • Tax payer to contribute a token sum
  • State and Federal Government to contribute yearly budget for protection and conservation. Good governance to be applied.