Shell Maliau Basin Reception and Information Building

The Shell Maliau Basin Reception and Information Building strategically located at the Maliau Basin Security Gate is funded by Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Limited.

This building is the first main infrastructure that any visitor comes upon before going into Maliau Basin Conservation Area (MBCA), and has an important role to play to promote MBCA as a centre of learning on protected area management.

It serves as an administrative office and as well as a preparatory staging point for both visitors and potential visitors before they step into MBCA. The availability of resting area, a café and washroom facilities makes it a convenient rest area/stopover point for travelers en route on the Kalabakan-Keningau Highway. There is also a souvenir shop that sells Maliau Basin souvenir merchandise. The exhibition hall found therein provides information/materials on conservation and wilderness attraction, helping to facilitate awareness about conservation and its attractions.

Maliau Basin Studies Centre (MBSC)

The MBSC, officially opened by YAB Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia on January 29, 2011, is located at the southeast edge of the Basin and serves as the headquarters/ administration centre for MBCA.

Facilities at Maliau Basin Studies Centre:

  • Gate & Guardhouse Complex (Secuity gate, staff houses, Shell Maliau Basin Reception & Information Building with Office, Souvenir shop, Exhibition hall and Café)
  • Resthouse Complex (Dining Hall, Kitchen, Audio-visual Room, Accommodation – 14 rooms)

  • Hostel Complex (2 blocks – 64 beds, 12 showers, 12 toilets, 2 common/living rooms, Kitchen and Dining Hall)

  • Office Complex (Office, Library, Reception Hall, Souvenir Shop, Mini-Theatre, Conference Room)

  • Researcher Annex (6 units)
  • VIP House (1 unit – 3 bedrooms)

  • Staff Houses
  • EE Complex (Laboratory, classroom)
  • Scientific Laboratory (12 scientist rooms, a GIS room)
  • Nature Gallery
  • Surau
  • Belian Camping Ground

  • Other facilities (observation towers, suspension bridges, nature trails)

Research Stations

A number of basic accommodation facilities in the form of research stations (Agathis, Nepenthes, Ginseng, Seraya, Lobah, Eucalyptus, Strike Ridge), ranging from basic camping areas to well-equipped permanent structures are available in and on the periphery of MBCA. The Stations are located along a series of trails.

Agathis Research Station

Set on the bank of a 15 meter wide stream in stately mixed dipterocarp forest, Agathis RS is located at the southernmost of MBCA, about 20 km to the north of the Maliau Basin Security Gate. It is accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle and is the first and closest access to the pristine tropical rainforest within the MBCA, being the starting off point for trails to both Camel Trophy and Ginseng Camps. It lies at about 500 m above sea level and is surrounded by hill mixed dipterocarp forest, with an abundance of majestic Agathis trees. A one km self-guided nature trail at the Camp provides visitors with a fascinating introduction to the forest and its wildlife. The Camp itself is well-equipped and comfortable, with hammock-style accommodation for up to 30 visitors, electricity and toilets and showers.

Nepenthes Research Station

Nepenthes RS is a two-storey building complete with bunkbeds, showers and solar electricity, which can accommodate up to 15 visitors. Constructed by participants of the Camel Trophy in 1993, it was the first permanent Camp within the Basin and is located strategically at the meeting point of lower montane forest and the rare and unusual montane heath forest on Maliau’s southern plateau. It is also the gateway to two of Maliau’s most beautiful smaller waterfalls, Takob Akob and Giluk Falls. A nearby 33 meter high observation platform near the top of a large Agathis borneensis provides a rare opportunity to observe birds at closer range and allows breathtaking view of the surrounding forest canopy.

Ginseng Research Station

Ginseng RS was constructed in 2005 near to the impressive 27m high Ginseng Falls, about 5-6 hours walk from Agathis Camp, this substantial camp Can accommodate up to 20 visitors, and has hammock-style beds and toilets cum showers.

Rafflesia Research Station

Rafflesia RS is located near the Maliau River, upstream from Maliau Falls, and is surrounded by lowland dipterocarp forest. Those trekking to the north of MBCA and Strike Ridge would pass this way.

Seraya Research Station

Four to six hours walk from MBSC, Seraya Camp is located on what is expected to be the most important trail in MBCA in the future, and provides the nearest accommodation facilities to Maliau Falls. Following the pristine Maliau River for much of the way, trails around Seraya RS also pass a rare Rafflesia tengku-adlinii site.

Current accommodation facilities are very basic (tented camp), however efforts are being made to construct a more permanent structure funded by IKEA of Sweden.

Lobah Research Station

Lobah RS is located on the main visitor trail on top of a hill with a 230 degree panoramic view of the Basin rim, approximately 2 km from the well-known Maliau Falls, and serves as a much-needed stopping point for visitors before arriving at the Falls. It is considered by many as the highlight of their visit to Maliau, especially the morning sunrise. Luba or sago palms are abundant here. Current accommodation facilities are very basic (tented camp).

Strike Ridge Research Station

Strike Ridge RS is located deep inside the Basin in montane forest on a steep ridge in the northern part of MBCA. It is the location of one of three automatic weather stations in and around MBCA. This station is monitored twice a year. The sensitivity of montane and nearby heath forest to changes in climate make such an area an ideal site for long term monitoring of global climate change.